J Alexander- Author of THE PREHISTORIC DIET
J. Alexander was an overweight child with severe allergies and insecurities because of his weight. He spent years perfecting a diet with miraculous results, became trim, and conquered his allergies—changing his life forever. THE PREHISTORIC DIET shares his secrets of how he lost weight without diet pills, expensive gyms, diet foods or plans, and complicated surgeries.

J. Alexander, one of the first health food store entrepreneurs in Boston, grew up in an era where diets were composed primarily of meats, mashed potatoes, Chinese food from a can, and white bread. He tells the poignant story of how he journeyed from a chubby, unhappy, and unaccepted child to a lean, healthy man through conscious eating of good, natural, unadulterated food. While sharing delicious recipes, nutritional information, and information on what foods to avoid, J. Alexander teaches others how to:

• Look and feel years younger

• Enjoy a revived sex life

• Never be hungry

• Feel energetic and build self-esteem

Through the guidance from our prehistoric ancestors nearly twenty million years ago, J. Alexander leads others on a phenomenal journey to good health and a wonderful life. Isn’t it time for you to take back control of your body?